Jeff Lerner net worth, Age, Family and other Biography

The estimated Jeff Lerner net worth is $5 million. Lerner is also a businessman, a mentor, a motivator, a speaker, and a pianist. He established the Entre Institute, which counsels business owners on digital marketing.

He asserts on his website that he went from being a “broke jazz guitarist” to making $50,000,000 online. Although the numbers might have been inflated, Lerner claims to have developed multiple businesses with revenues well over eight figures.

Lerner provided additional details about those early years in a press release. In 2018, he claimed to be in financial trouble and to be living in his ex’s spare bedroom.
His obligations to numerous failed businesses, including two franchisers of restaurants, totaled $500,000. He played the piano as a means of support. However, he was unable to play due to a broken hand.

Then Jeff Lerner discovered an affiliate marketing school online. The following several weeks were devoted to intensive 12 to 16-hour days of study. He claimed that he shot marketing videos in the backyard during breaks.

Lerner said that he received commissions of $40,000 in a single month. He made $70,000 the next month. He ranked third in a network of thousands of affiliate marketers that year. Subtract Jeff Lerner’s total liabilities from his total assets to determine Jeff Lerner net worth.

The overall assets include his investments, savings, cash deposits, and whatever equity he might have in a house, car, or another asset of this nature. Total liabilities include all debts, including credit card and student loan debt.

Jeff Lerner net worth

Name:Jeff Lerner 
Net Worth:$5 Million
Monthly Salary:$40,000
Annual Income:$500,000
Source of Wealth:Digital marketing courses

Early Years of Jeff Lerner

In his twenties, Lerner was frequently requested to play the piano for wealthy CEOs and business executives. When he was 29 years old, he finally found internet success after years of effort and numerous failed enterprises. In 18 months, he paid off the $500,000 debt from one of those loans.


Full Name: Jeff Lerner
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1979 (age 43)
Place of BirthHouston, TX
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationBachelor of Fine Arts
Alma materUniversity of Houston
OrganizationEntre Institute
Known forFounding multiple businesses
Jeff Lerner net worth
Source: Medium

Was Jeff Lerner’s Source of Income?

The majority of Jeff Lerner’s income comes from the sale of digital marketing courses. His sales funnels guided site visitors to coaching and course offerings that would show them how to follow in Jeff’s footsteps and become millionaires. In contrast to when he initially began affiliate marketing, he may now keep all of the revenue he generates from each sale
Before offering his own courses on affiliate marketing, Jeff promoted businesses like Wealth Masters International (WMI), Carbon Copy Pro, My Hidden Pages, My Online Business Education (MOBE), Aspire, and Digital Altitude, all of which have since gone out of business, some of which were shut down by the FTC for being “coaching investment schemes.”

At the age of 23, Lerner started his own digital business, but he had no idea how to get it off the ground.

He finally found internet success at the age of 29, after many years of trying and numerous failing businesses. He had a $500,000 debt from one of those enterprises, which was settled in about 18 months.
At the age of 23, Lerner started his own digital business, but he had no idea how to get it off the ground.

He finally found internet success at the age of 29, after many years of trying and numerous failing businesses. He had a $500,000 debt from one of those enterprises, which was settled in about 18 months.

After managing successful internet firms for more than 10 years and twice being selected for the INC 5000, Lerner now concentrates on encouraging and teaching entrepreneurs. Since 2018, he has taught entrepreneurship to well over 150,000 students through the ENTRE Institute.

Additionally, he established 2:20 Investment Group, LLC, a real estate-focused business with assets in Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio, among other states.

He has also launched a number of businesses, including the digital agency Xurli, the mobile marketing firm WHAMmobile, the full-suite of business tools Entresoft, and the Entre Institute. Let’s examine more closely how Jeff Lerner increased his wealth in the section below.

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The Institute for Entrepreneurship

After establishing himself as an expert in starting businesses, Lerner turned his focus to developing the first advanced educational institution in the world devoted solely to entrepreneur education.

The “Two Comma Club C Award,” which is equivalent to a $50 million prize, was given to Lerner and Adam Whiting in 2021 at ClickFunnels’ annual Funnel Hacking Live 2021 conference. The honor is granted to people who have used internet sales funnels to great success.

Entre Blueprint

Entre Blueprint is a program that Jeff Lerner wrote. It is a video training course that makes the promise of showing users how to create a profitable home-based business.
It is not comprehensive training for starting an online business, though. You can establish an online business after taking this motivational course. As a result, the course doesn’t contain many concrete instructions.

Podcast and YouTube

On April 6, 2020, Lerner released the first episode of his podcast, Unlock Your Potential (formerly known as Millionaire Secrets). The podcast includes interviews with successful people who have chosen an unconventional route to riches, plenty, and freedom, as well as personal success stories. By November 2021, Lerner had created 190 episodes.

He also has a YouTube channel where he publishes podcast episodes, instructional videos about advancing personally and financially, and more.

Is Jeff Lerner A Scam?

Jeff Lerner is definitely not a fraud. The Entre Institute he founded offers counseling to entrepreneurs on how to expand their enterprises in the digital world.
In addition to being a prolific founder, Lerner is renowned for his approach to problem-solving and has developed numerous companies that bring in well over eight figures.

Kids & Wife

Jaqueline Lerner and he have been married since June 2012, and they have two children together. Brax Lerner, Jace Lerner, Jada Lerner, and Stella Jane Lerner are the couple’s four children. In May 2021, their oldest son, Brax, earned his high school diploma. The couple also worked together on a Millionaire Secrets podcast episode where they discussed parenting.

What is Jeff Lerner net worth?

Jeff Lerner net worth is unknown, but according to his website, he turned his life around from being a penniless jazz musician to earning $50 million from online sales.
In addition, his company grew from a single webinar with 14 individuals to a global corporation with over 50,000 paying students and a sales target of $100 million per year in just two years, according to a November 2021 report from EIN Presswire.


Today we have discussed Jeff Lerner net worth, age, Children, and another biography. If you’ve read the reviews, you already know that Jeff Lerner is the real deal. Anything else you may discover online or offline does not compare to his training. It completely eclipses everything else, and I mean everything else. None of the other training, institutions, or frauds can compare to the instruction you’ll receive from Jeff Lerner.

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