Jim Gaffigan net worth, Age, Wife, Children, and Biography


Jim Gaffigan is well known for his acting, comedy, writing, and producing.
Gaffigan has several popular comedy specials to his credit, including “Obsessed,” “Mr. Universe,” “Cinco,” and “Quality Time.” His writing typically focuses on fatherhood, food, laziness, and observations. He was raised in Indiana.
Jim Gaffigan net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

Jim Gaffigan net worth

Jim Gaffigan Net Worth :$30 Million
Born:July 7, 1966
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor/Comedian

Early Life

On July 7th, 1966, in Illinois, Jim Gaffigan was born. Michael A. and Marcia Mitchell Gaffigan’s son is Gaffigan. He was the youngest of six kids and spent his childhood years in Indiana.

His father was a banker and the CEO of the Mercantile National Bank of Indiana, while his mother, Marcia, worked for charities. His father also participated in neighborhood charity work.


Jim Gaffigan relocated to New York in 1990 to launch his comedic career. His career began when a friend dared him to stand up during a seminar.

At the beginning of his career, he experimented with a range of humorous methods, including voices and impersonation, as well as angry comedy.

Gaffigan’s “Shorties Watchin’ Shortie” on Comedy Central featured Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy in 2004. The following year, he captured a live Comedy Central special.

He recorded “Mr. Universe” in 2012, which received a Grammy nomination. With over 670 million spins in 2016, he was the most well-liked comedian on the whole Pandora.com platform.

Jim Gaffigan Net worth
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YearFilm (Acting, Voice role, Short film)
1998The Real Howard Spitz
1999Personals, Entropy, Three Kings, Puppet
2001Super Troopers, 30 Years to Life, Final
2002Hacks, No Sleep ’til Madison, Igby Goes Down
2003Season of Youth
200413 Going on 30, Duane Incarnate
2005The Great New Wonderful, Trust the Man
2006Stephanie Daley
2007The Living Wake
2008The Love Guru, Shoot First and Pray You Live
2009The Slammin’ Salmon, 17 Again, Away We Go
2010Ten Stories Tall, Going the Distance, It’s Kind of a Funny Story
2011Salvation Boulevard
2012Howard Cantour.com
2015Walter, Experimenter, Hot Pursuit, Staten Island Summer
2018Duck Duck Goose, Being Frank, Super Troopers 2, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, American Dreamer
2019Them That Follow, Light from Light, Troop Zero, The Day Shall Come, Drunk Parents, Above the Shadows, Playmobil: The Movie
2020Tesla, Most Wanted,
2022Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, Linoleum, Disenchanted, Peter Pan & Wendy
TBAUnfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story (Filming)

Discography by Jim Gaffigan

2001Luigi’s Doghouse, Economics II
2003More Moo Moos
2004Doing My Time, The Last Supper
2006Beyond the Pale
2009King Baby
2012Mr. Universe
2018Noble Ape
2019Quality Time
2020The Pale Tourist
2021Comedy Monster

Career Highlights of Jim Gaffigan

The following are some of Jim Gaffigan’s career high points:

  • Jim Gaffigan’s King Baby (Stand Up, 2009)
  • Dreamers in America (Movie, 2018)
  • Being Honest (Movie, 2018)
  • Trooper 0 (Movie, 2019)
  • Tesla (Movie, 2020)

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Full NameJames Christopher Gaffigan
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1966 (age 56)
Place of BirthElgin, Illinois, U.S.
MediumStand-up, film, television, books
Years active1991–present
GenresObservational comedy clean comedydeadpansarcasmsatire
SpouseJeannie Gaffigan
​​(m. 2003)​
Relative(s)Richard F. Mitchell
FacebookJim Gaffigan
IMDbJim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan with wife
(Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

Jim Gaffigan’s Favorite Phrases

” Thanksgiving It seems we did not attempt to create a tradition.
The custom is to eat excessively. Hey, how about we just eat a lot on Thanksgiving? But it is what we do every day! ‘ Oh. What if we eat a lot of meals with folks who irritate us to no end?- Jim Gaffigan

Whatever a writer receives in compensation for his work is never adequate. I believe that to be true. It takes effort. However, you did write a book in the end. It is an item that can be touched and is kept for all time on a shelf. —Jim Gaffigan

In my opinion, comedians overvalue or undervalue the type of humor they perform, and they typically choose the form of humor that appeals to them the most. The type of standup that we all perform is not the result of any kind of clever calculation. It seems like David Cross should be performing standup like David Cross. —Jim Gaffigan

The kind of parent you are will ultimately be something you carry with you. In a way, having several children has been a gift. It helps to keep the priorities in order. -Jim Gaffigan

They keep saying things like, “It’s astonishing how clean,” “He’s the cleanest person in the world,” and similar phrases when I perform standup. People will comment after my performances that I should be so clean, but instead, I’m talking about cancer. -Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan Net Worth

Besides being a well-known stand-up comedian, Jim Gaffigan also works as an actor, producer of television and movies, voice actor, and screenwriter. An estimate of Jim Gaffigan net worth puts it at $35 million. Jim Gaffigan’s career has also brought him a great deal of recognition.

Learn more about Jim Gaffigan Net Worth, income, salary, career, and other facts of Jim Gaffigan.

Jim Gaffigan’s earnings, income, and salary

According to Jim Gaffigan’s pay statistics, Jim Gaffigan Net Worth and annual earnings are estimated to be above $40,000,000, while Jim Gaffigan Net Worth and earnings are roughly $3,000,000.

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